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We offer the services of the masters of the soaring school of the Bathhouse. Pupils of the winner of the Championship of Russia on art of floating in 2012 Ilgiz Latfullin.
Bathhouse steamer services are based on deep warming of the whole body, relaxation and individual approach to each guest.
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The classical russian bathhouse trearment in 2 approaches includes:        

  • primary body heating in 2 brooms             
  • circular soft steam and inhalation;             
  • contrast steam, deep warming         
35 minutes
2 200

The program uses classical techniques: familiarity of the body with steam, deep warming with poultices, additional cleaning techniques with massage elements, contrasting procedures.

15 minutes
1 100

The brightest soaring for true connoisseurs of the bath! Involve:        

  • aroma-inhalation, soft rubbing birch, non-contact heating of the whole body with a fan;             
  • hot foot bath with sea pebbles, classic full body soaring with muscle poultices, air contrast;             
  • warming up the body on high steam, contrast with cold water, rubbing with hot birch         
2-2,5 hours
4 000

Steaming in 2 sets with SPA-procedures:        

  • aromatherapy inhalation, the soft rubbing of a birch, warming up the legs with brooms;             
  • salt-herbal scrubbing, pouring warm water;             
  • classic steaming with a poultice on the muscles, contrast with cold water, rubbing with a broom;
  • hot soapy birch wash         
2,5-3 hours
4 500

The most important rule in cosmetology is skin cleansing. Salt scrub is perfect for renewal and rejuvenation of your facial and body skin.

15 minutes

Contactless massage using brooms and soap foam will give you a lot of fun and peace.

15 minutes

A visit to the cedar phyto barrels, the rest in the bath tub with warm water and a fragrant herbal tea.

45 minutes

Massage of the collar area, legs or general, the whole body, will be a great addition to any program of soaring. * Is not curative.

until 40 minutes
from 500