We have opened for you in test mode a new space of the ethnic complex - a gastrobar and called it "Fish Rooster".

Fish rooster - a taste of the Finno-Ugric north in the center of Udmurtia. Wild plants, game dishes combined with exclusive drinks.

We invite you for impressions!

Tue - Sat from 14:00 to 22:00;
Sun - Mon - day off

Make yourself at home!

For your convenience, in the booking section, we have designated family rooms with the “family” icon in the upper left corner of the room, so that it would be easier and faster for you to make a choice.
You will find comfortable and convenient accommodation for the whole family in a 4-star hotel, we have thought everything through to the smallest detail:
- for the youngest guests there is a cot, a potty
- possibility of installing a euro pad
- personal hygiene items for the youngest
- board games
- children's menu in the hotel restaurant
- closed courtyard with video surveillance

Click on the link to submit a booking request.

“Cheskyt“, translated from Udmurt means "delicious"

You will not only rest in a cozy room, where you will be able to recuperate after a working day, but also get gastronomic pleasure from Udmurt cuisine at breakfast and dinner in the national restaurant of the ethnocomplex.
After all, everything is already included in the "Cheskyt" tariff for your comfortable stay!

To make a reservation follow the link below or call 970-810.
Any questions? Leave a request on the book button.

Bobrovovaya Valley is ideal for a lavish wedding on a grand scale, as well as for a chamber celebration with the closest ones

We invite you to celebrate the most important and unforgettable event in your life in one of the most colorful places!

Preparing for a wedding is not an easy task: you need to choose the design, develop a menu, choose a host - and this is not all the wedding chores. The ethno-complex "Beaver Valley" will help to organize the wedding of your dreams!
Various venues with a capacity of up to 70 people and comfortable rooms for living are offered at your service. Impeccable service, combined with a varied restaurant menu.

If the minimum order is exceeded, we give gifts:
- pyramid of champagne in the waiting area
- stuffed dish (pike, goose or piglet)
- certificate to the restaurant for the first joint celebration of the newlyweds
- rent of an area for on-site registration (several locations)

Booking by phone 970-811
* Contact the administrator for details

Gift certificate for all services of the complex

Do you want to make a gift to your loved ones and colleagues, or have you decided to pamper yourself, but you doubt the choice?
A gift certificate from Beaver Valley is an excellent solution to this issue!
For you:
- Accommodation in an Ethno- and Art-hotel,
- unique Programs of Soaring in premium baths,
- tasting of Udmurt cuisine in the Restaurant "Tyr Korka",
- Photo shoot in museum interiors
The administrator will be happy to help you in choosing the right services!

You can purchase a certificate for the service you like directly on the website by clicking on the link below.
For details, contact the administrator by phone. 970-810

Corporate parties, weddings, conferences

The historical part of the city
Park area on the river bank
Turnkey event. From catering to guest accommodation
Covered terrace
Year-round service

A new format for your events! We have everything you need to have a perfect picnic by the campfire.

For those who want to take a break from the noisy city in peace and quiet in the company of friends. At the same time, you do not need to travel far to warm up and cook something delicious on a campfire.

There are 2 formats to choose from:
1. Rent of the campfire zone “Tylskem" 750r/hour
Cook on our convenient platform:
- campfire area by the Izh river
- large and comfortable barbecue
- table for 20 people
- blankets for comfort and warmth

2. Cooking on fire with the menu "Tylskem" (without rent).
Specially for you, we have developed dishes that you can cook on fire. We will provide all the necessary ingredients for the selected dish from the menu, you will definitely be able to cook a delicious rich soup, juicy meat or fish on fire.

The atmosphere of such cozy moments absorbs its mystery: as if plunging into some kind of trance, we listen to the crackling of the fire and watch the clouds of smoke that rise above the fire.
* Contact the administrator for details. ** Booking in 2 hours minimum

Rye dumplings with three types of meat- beef, pork, lamb.

-Preparation of ingredients and making dumplings;
-800 rubles / person
-up to 10 people

During the master class you will learn:
-when and how did the Udmurts cook;
-what is the peculiarity of preparing real dumplings

The price includes: ingredients for 10-12 dumplings with meat, a chef instructor, gloves, an apron and homemade kvass with malt.

A fabulous real-life vacation!

The story can be told with words or a melody, or you can tell it with the walls, windows, curtains, rugs, spinning wheels, old dresses, samovars. All the important little things that make up life from time immemorial. In the "Beaver Valley", each hotel room tells about its own-about hunters, fishermen, residents of distant Udmurt settlements, about their life, entertainment, recreation and work.
Each of our guests can become a part of this history, touch the man-made elements of antiquity and feel the moments of the past.
For you:
- double accommodation in an ethno-hotel with a morning pool and an individual breakfast,
- dinner at the national restaurant "Tyr Korka",
- wellness phyto-program in the sauna complex "Siod-nyan" (optional),
- tour of the ethnocomplex at the request of the guest.

To make a reservation follow the link below or call 970-810.
Any questions? Leave a request on the book button.
We are waiting for you in our ethnocomplex!
Accommodation in a standard room for two guests.
The tariff starts from 8115-00 rubles.
We will book a vacation for you!
Details by phone: 970-810

Perepechi made from rye flour with filling to choose from

Prepared national pies with cabbage;
- 500 rubles / person;
- from10 people

During the master class you will learn:
- when and how the Udmurts cooked;
- what is special about making real perepechi

The price includes: ingredients for one perepech, instructor-cook, gloves, apron and fragrant herbal tea

Photosession in an Ethno-hotel:
- 1500 rub./hour;
- presence of 6 people on the territory of the complex.

Photosession at the Art Hotel:
- in the Studio room - 5000 rub. / 2 hours (4 people maximum)
- in a Standard room - 4000 rubles/2 hours (4 people maximum)

Advance booking required, tel. 970-810

Service from 5000 rubles, includes:

Service from 5000 rub. includes:
- 2.5 hours including preparation and registration;
- from 25 people;
- add-ons for a fee (through the administrator).

Advance booking required, tel. 970-811

Spend a romantic morning before the most important event alone with yourself

The tariff includes:
- early check-in to your lovely room,
- welcome sparkling champagne;
- photo session throughout the complex without time limit;
- Breakfast on the day of departure

Possibility of on-site registration
Tariff from 11500 rubles
* Contact the administrator for details. ** The tariff is valid for 100% prepayment.