Do you believe in magic? Would you like to plunge into a fairy tale and meet the Udmurt Father Frost?
Come to us!
From December 31st for you:
- Comfortable accommodation in cozy eco-rooms
- Breakfast and festive dinner with Udmurt flavor
- Meeting with Udmurt Father frost - Tol Babai, in his fabulous estate
- Magical atmosphere of rustic comfort in the city center
- Entertainment for the youngest guests
*Three-day tour can be booked by phone (3412) 970-810 **All details from the administrator of the complex

Early booking

Here it is.....Mr. NEW year CORPORATE party-it's time for surprises, discoveries and full tables of treats!
An old wise proverb says: "as you meet the New Year - so spend it!»
Are you ready to spend it unforgettable?
New year's eve banquets with Udmurt accent for your long-awaited vacation! Especially for you: set the table from 1200 R / person organize a show program with guest artists of any genre meet on national motives with a special hot drink. Book now and get a gift! Table booking 970-811

"Bath pleasure" and " Noble steam"

Exclusive vaping for connoisseurs of vaping, guests who choose a gift, who want to surprise and give something special!
The champion of the Udmurt Republic in the art of vaping in 2017, the finalist of Russia in the bath skill in 2017, the judge of the Championships in the art of vaping - Stanislav Susekov.
The brightest soaring for true connoisseurs of the bath! All stages are built on contrasting procedures. Aroma inhalation, adaptation to the temperature regime, soft rubbing birch, familiarity with the culture of visiting the bath - and this is just the beginning! After the body is enveloped in hot steam and deeply warmed, and then you are pelted with ice water and warmed again. Hot foot bath with sea pebbles stimulate important points of your body. This soaring invigorates, perfectly tones and strengthens the immune system. And herbal tea adds vigor. Programs for 2-3 hours, the cost of 4000-4500 rubles.

Cedar phyto barrel

We offer you to try out the SPA-procedure "Pichy muncho", which includes a visit to the cedar phyto barrels, the rest in the bath tub with warm water and a fragrant herbal tea.
The duration of the program – 45 minutes, the cost – 1200 rubles.
Being in a cedar barrel you are enveloped by steam, saturated with extracts and extracts of medicinal herbs. You soar the body while the head is outside, allowing you to breathe easily without the increased load on the heart. And plunging into the font, you will improve the condition of the skin and your health.

Pair at the lowest price

For hotel guests there is a special rate for visiting any bath complex at a cost of 1800 rubles / hour.
Minimum 2 hours.

Club card with individual privileges

Club membership gives privileges on all services of the complex:
- pair - up to 30% discount
- restaurant - up to 15% discount
- ethnohotal - up to 15% discount
Terms and conditions: 1.The Deposit is brought to the Guest's account in a lump sum and in full. 2.The period of validity is 12 months. 3.The card is activated no earlier than 3 days from the moment of its acquisition. 4.The card can be used in any unit of the complex. 5.At the expiration of the card validity period the unused amount consumed. 6.Discounts are calculated from existing tariffs on the selected service and cannot be combined with the current stock complex. Details from the Manager of the complex.

From Friday to Sunday and in holidays, daily tariff from 9000 rubles, includes:

- double accommodation with breakfast (standard room, suite);
- two hours of wood-burning bath;
- a treat with Udmurt cuisine;
- a meal in a restaurant with a 10% discount;
- visit the zoo, or Museum. M. T. Kalashnikov.

* Contact the administrator for details. ** The tariff is valid for 100% prepayment.

- Prepared national pies with cabbage;
- 2000 rubles per hour;
- up to 10 people *

* more than 10 people - 150 rubles / person. Without time limit

The price includes: 1 instructor-cook, all ingredients, crockery, aprons and disposable gloves, playground.

- 1500 rubles per hour;
- presence of 6 people in the complex.

Service from 12000 rubles, includes:

- 2.5 hours in view of preparation and registration;
- from 25 people;
- add-ons for a fee (through the administrator).

Service from 7380 rubles, includes:

- 20% discount on the number;
- holding a photo session without time limit;
- early check-in after 06:00;
- breakfast on departure day;
- visiting any bath complex with a discount of 40% - 1500 rubles per hour;
- a bottle of champagne (when ordering a banquet, a buffet table, exit registration in a database).

Ability to conduct exit registration.

* Contact the administrator for details. ** The tariff is valid for 100% prepayment.