Program cost
from 12 000
Program time
from 3 hours
4(10) people
Program with Udmurt flavor
Bright and dynamic soaring for sophisticated
For those who like it hot
Optimal vaping for a group of friends or for business people
The softest soaring and SPA treatments for the beautiful half
Soaring for a big fun company!
For a large company
Learning the basics and rules of soaring
Visiting a phyto barrel with a full deep massage
Healthy soft steam for babies
Independent visit to the bath
Independent visit to the bath
  • Maximum capacity up to 10 people (according to the selected program).
  • Children under 10 years are not charged (children are included in the total number of guests).
  • The price includes: bath set for each guest, herbal tea, fruit and nut basket, birch broom.
  • We are pleased to offer the services of our restaurant and organize a meal in the bath complex.
  • Alcohol consumption and Smoking are not welcome.
  • All programs are tailored to the individual characteristics of the guest.
  • Birch broom / 1 thing. 250
  • Broom with oak / 1 thing. 250
  • Bath cap / 1 thing. 250
  • Bath mitten / 1 thing. 220
  • Bathrobe / 1 thing. 100
  • Font with herbals 1000
  • Towel (rental) / 1 thing. 100
  • Sheets (rental) / 1 thing. 100
  • Slippers disposable (rental) / 1 set. 300
  • Natural soap 300
  • Shampoo (single) / 1 thing. 50
  • For guests staying in our complex, rent a bath at a special rate.