27 May 2019

Try healthy steam! Under this slogan on may 26 passed the IV Open championship of the Udmurt Republic on the art of soaring "Pichi Muncho" (Three baths). Reviving the traditions of man and culture to visit the baths in the ethno-complexes "Bobrovaya dolina" was made by the famous masters of soaring, aspiring pardike and fans. The winner of the championship in 2019 was Stanislav Susekov (Izhevsk), who will go to Moscow to demonstrate his talents in the final of the Russian championship in bath skills "Russia bath 2019". The discovery of the year was Ivan lekomtsev (Izhevsk).  

Today you can try healthy steam in the best steam rooms!

5 September 2018

For the new season, we have developed two tariffs for hotel guests:
"Chilkyt", which means the net, includes daily room and 2 bath on firewood;
"Cheskyt", translated from Udmurt delicious, includes accommodation and restaurant.

We are glad to acquaint our guests with the traditions of the Udmurt people.
We are waiting for You in our guest house!

19 October 2018

Dear guests!

We hasten to dispel all your doubts about the inhabitants of Beaver valley!
Cat Philip and dog Simon undergo an annual veterinary check, regularly take bath procedures, and in the spring visit the hairdresser)
Both of our residents are friendly and unobtrusive, always welcome our guests!

6 September 2018

For all lovers of bathing culture and those who are first will be lucky enough to get acquainted with the skill of pareni we have laid a new brick oven in the bath complexes Choryg and Umorto.
Now steam longer hold steam, distribute it in layers, which is so like our masters guys who like no other know a lot about the couple!

Well, fans of "hotter" we offer you our sauna complex Sod-Nian, where the heat is kept exclusively for a long time.

Glad to see You in the new season!

12 January 2018

1 November for the first time in the Udmurt Republic with the support of the Government of the Udmurt Republic was awarded the prize "restaurant of the year".

In the category "Choice of experts" in the category "Udmurt cuisine" restaurant won the "Sput Peel". National cuisine in the colorful flavor of the Udmurt village has not left indifferent the expert jury, and the restaurant has occupied the honorable first place.