16 June 2023

Everyone who has been to the Beaver Valley knows about the sincere, warm, close to nature atmosphere of the complex.

In our souvenir shop you can buy handmade crafts made from natural materials, as well as handmade natural cosmetics:
- handmade soap
- solid shampoos
- body scrubs
- fragrant herbal tea collection
- postcards
- ceramic products
- beaded jewelry

We have a large selection of souvenirs and gifts for you and your loved ones.

9 June 2023

Friends and bath lovers!

On June 9 and 10, 2023, the Beaver Valley Ethnocomplex hosted
VIII Open Championship in the art of soaring "Kuin Muncho" (Three baths)

The championship is an open regional stage of the All-Russian
championship in bathing skills "Rus Bath" in 2023

In 2023, the festival included an educational part.
On the first day, June 9, experts of the bath industry shared their experience of creating a profitable business and ready-made tools in the format of a round table.
On the second day of the festival, June 10, the Championship was held.
Participants and guests of the festival, in the format of presentations and an interactive program, will get acquainted with the bath industry.
Also, as part of the festival, we held a celebration of regional cuisine, where we combined bath and gastro-themes. Reconstruction of the Finno-Ugric village, theatrical shows, traditional dishes, entertainment program for children and adults.
1000 guests, 10 experts of the bath industry, 10 best professionals of steamers, 10 masters of steam.

Support of federal partners
● National Bath Association
● Support of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Udmurt Republic
● Russian Union of Tourism Industry
● Tourism agencies of the Udmurt Republic
● Kommersant-Udmurtia
Sponsor support
● The company "Zhargo"
● SANGENS Company

Representative of the Organizer of the Championship: Tatiana Kopytova, tel. 8-912-468-11-99

10 March 2023

Russian Hospitality Awards is an annual award and award ceremony for the best hotels in Russia.

out of 632 applications from hotels from different parts of Russia
out of 119 finalists
The hotel of the ethno-complex “Bobrovaya Dolina" won the Russian Hospitality Awards as "The Best ethno-hotel in Russia".

We thank every employee of "Beaver Valley" and our guests!

16 August 2022

For all lovers of bathing culture and those who are first will be lucky enough to get acquainted with the skill of pareni we have laid a new brick oven in the bath complexes Choryg and Umorto.
Now steam longer hold steam, distribute it in layers, which is so like our masters guys who like no other know a lot about the couple!

Well, fans of "hotter" we offer you our sauna complex Sod-Nian, where the heat is kept exclusively for a long time.

Glad to see You in the new season!

14 February 2022

Since February 14, the new art hotel "Beaver Valley" is open for booking!

The rooms are dedicated to four major cities of Udmurtia in the middle of the XIX - early XX centuries.

The issue of "Ludwig Nobel" (Izhevsk)
Takes us back to 1865 — the period of development of the Izhevsk Arms Factory, the heyday of trade, rental relations and economic formation of the city.
The room is dominated by darkened tones, wooden furniture is beautifully combined with bright textiles.

Number "1847 Astrabat" (Votkinsk)
The history of 1840-1850 is closely connected with English culture. Then, eminent specialists from England were invited to lead the Votkinsk Ship Factory.
The room is in a simple colonial English style, where vintage wooden furniture is beautifully combined with bright natural ornaments on the walls.

Number "Kunstyuk of fate" (Sarapul)
We were inspired by the incredible stories of Sarapul women: Nadezhda Durova, Antonina Palshina and Margarita Konenkova.
A delicate room in the Art Nouveau and Art Nouveau style with stucco elements. The main highlight is a stained glass 4—meter window with a view of the Izh River.

Number "City N" (Glazov)
The issue is dedicated to the famous love of A.P. Chekhov — Olga Knipper, who was originally from Glazov. And the famous "County Town N" from Chekhov's stories so strongly resembles this city.
The room is a theater with a stylish interior, where the fine lines of forged furniture create strict symmetry. The view is complemented by wooden elements and tropical ornaments on the walls.

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