The dish of the Udmurt cuisine

Roast from the kidneys
A traditional Udmurt dish stewed in an oven.
Fresh flat cake made of rye and wheat flour with cottage cheese or potato filling.
The olldest udmurt dish "open cheesecake" is baked before the stove. Rye flour, meat, vegetable or mushroom filling, filled with omelet.
Warm salad with tongue
A rich salad with boiled tongue and potatoes, seasoned with sour cream and herbs.
Translated as "bread ear". With filling to choose from: 3 types of meat, meat-cabbage, lamb, pumpkin with cottage cheese, wild fish.
Tabani with smelt
Udmurt tortillas from sour dough. The perfect complement to them - a traditional sauce Siret.
Blood sausage with buckwheat porridge.
Capacity of halls
up to 80 people
Working hours
9.00 – 23.00
Average check
Table reservation + 7 (3412) 970-811